Суперфитнес. лучшие программы мира

Лучших тренеров для занятий в домашних условияхНазвание книги: Суперфитнес. лучшие программы мира
Страниц: 154
Год: 2017
Жанр: Отечественная

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О книге «Суперфитнес. лучшие программы мира»

In JNL's Fitness Model Diet, she reveals and shares her top trade secrets of the Super Fitness Model life: Discover super fitness model beauty secrets Explore JNL's all-time favorite and fail proof workouts Get two weeks worth of JNL's fitness model recipes and food plans to help you blast fat off fast, revealing feminine muscle tone BONUS MATERIAL: JNL shows you how to: Build a successful fitness modeling career Prepare for a great photo shoot with fitness model Must-Do's Make a big name for yourself in the fitness modeling industry This is an infomercial that was lazily put together.

I checked this book out from the library when I first started lifting, it was useless.

She jammed her book full of promotional ads and there’s little insight on building a fitness routine for women.

I later found Strong Curves by Bret Contreras, which proved to be insightful.

There were a few good hinters, but it was difficult to take her recommendations and/or JNL Faves seriously.

And all those gorgerous photos that this book contains. If you want more information go to this website and listen to my audio...

If you're not motivated to get fitness model body before, after seeing these photos you want that body to be your own! To my surprise, the majority of the book was about tanning, skin treatments and pictures of the author! Clearly, a book written to make money, not make a difference or to educate the reader into how to become more fit. The pictures of exercises were great and food list was also helpful.

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  • Как я ждала здесь эту книгу))) спасибо огромное!!! Очень хочу чтобы ее скачали и прочитали пациенты, мнящее себя клиентами... Мир перевернулся и сошел с ума и здесь это прекрасно показано. Господа, бога ради забудьте про форумы, соседей, подруг, бабок

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